Introducing Sneakz Vegan Protein Powder

We're excited to announce a non-dairy product option that delivers veggies, protein and probiotics in one yummy organic drink mix for the entire family.

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Now Available in Military Commissaries

We're proud to announce that we are working with the U.S. Military.

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Sip The Goodness

Learn about Sneakz, y...

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Entrepreneur Magazine Highlights Sneakz Organic!

Charlie Philp and Allison Fowler founded Read more →

Introducing Sneakz Organic

Getting your kids to eat their daily veggies is now easier than you might think..

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KIWI Magazine calls Sneakz a great spring snack!

To help make your hectic schedules a little easier, we gathered together a list of our new, favor...

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Sneakz Veggie Milk

Can this newest product, which packs a full serving of veggies, both please and deceive?

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