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May 24, 1884- The date the World Changed Forever

May 24, 1884- The date the World Changed Forever

-Before the advent of Morse Code, news services didn't exist like they do today. If something happened in New York, people in San Francisco didn't hear about it till at least a week later.

Telegraph Machine

A long time ago in the year 1836, Samuel F. B. Morse, along with two of his confidants, invented an electrical telegraph system. This system was the precursor to the telephone; it could send messages over long distances by using pulses of electricity to signal a machine to mark moving tape that was fed from a machine. The code — known as Morse code — assigned a "dot" or "dash" to  each number, letter or special character. If you wonder how they decided which combination of signals was assigned to each letter, they studied how often each letter in the English language was used. If you'd like to learn more about the code and even practice sending a message, try this online Morse Code Translator to encode and decode your messages.

The telegraph also had a profound economic effect, allowing money to be “wired” across great distances. 

Much like Morse code was created to solve a worldwide communication challenge, Meal2Grow was inspired to solve a worldwide deficiency-  children needing to consume more vegetables in their everyday eating habits.

Morse code and the electric telegraph transformed America and how journalism and newspapers conducted business. Instead of using horse and buggy mail systems that would often take weeks to go across the country, morse code enabled messages to be delivered almost instantly.  Sneakz Meal2Grow was created with the same process- to enable vital nutrients to enter your body the fastest. Our founders were inspired by Samuel B Morse and how he revolutionized communication to the outside world, and wanted to take those principles and vision to find a way to bring a combination of a daily vitamins, fiber, and a full serving of veggies to children without a lot of effort to prepare. We are all busy, and with the COVID-19 safe-at-home orders still active in many states and communities, parents are under extra pressure to provide consciously healthy food for their family. Mr. Morse felt the same pressures as he sought to create a way to communicate to his loved ones, friends, and colleagues all around the world. Could you imagine hearing about a new baby in your family 3 or 4 weeks after his or her birth? Or waiting to hear about a close friend or relative getting a promotion at work, or graduating college well after the event takes place? Up until 1884, that is how reality was. Then came along Mr. Morse and his determination to change the world. And he did, well above and beyond anyone's wildest dreams. 

Like Morse Code at the time, Meal2Grow is certainly an inspiration driven by the world around us today. We live in an ultra-fast community where everyone has information in the palm of their hand faster than Mr. Morse could even imagine. Our founders wanted to find a way to deliver quality healthy, organic vegetables, protein, vitamins and minerals to keep up with our active kids lifestyles today. For more information on Meal2Grow and where you can find it, please visit