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Four Breakfasts for Back-to-School

Four Breakfasts for Back-to-School

It's that time of year. Summer vacation is coming to a close and the excitement of another school year is starting to swirl. While the last bits of summer fun is planned and played, as a parent you're probably also thinking about setting your morning alarm a couple of hours earlier again. We figure that any chance to get ahead of the game and set yourself up for morning routine success is a good thing, so we've compiled a list of recipes from the Sneakz archives that you can make in batches ahead of time to for breakfasts that aren't just an easy to make and really good for you, but that is great for all of you. This isn't just breakfast for you or the kids. It's fuel for everyone's best life.



Chia Pudding Bar

This recipe came to us from Ashley of Veggies and Virtue, a pediatric dietitian and mom of three. She used our Sneakz Milkshakes to create a build-your-own chia pudding bar that can be easily set up the night before. You can easily switch out the Milkshakes for the Smoothie Mix or Meal2Go blended with your liquid of choice to soak the chia in.



No-Cook Cinnamon Berry Breakfast Pudding

This super-satiating breakfast is a Milk & Honey Nutrition creation by Mary Ellen Phillips. Again, she used our Milkshakes but that's an easy swap if Smoothie Mix or Meal2Go is more your style. Either way you're getting breakfast with a hit of vegetables.



Orange Dark Chocolate Oatmeal

Another one of our favorites comes from Mary Ellen of Milk & Honey with this healthy twist on a classic treat. This one could be prepared ahead of time but it's honestly so quick and easy that it's worth making fresh and warm in the morning if you've got five minutes.



Homemade Chocolate Cereal

We can always count on Joy from Lunches & Littles to come up with something totally out-of=the-box that blows us away with her creativity. This homemade cereal is no exception. Sure you can buy boxed cereal, but if you can make your own and know exactly what's in it, why not?