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5 Parent-Centered Accounts We're Inspired By

5 Parent-Centered Accounts We're Inspired By

Scrolling through Instagram can feel like watching one big highlight reel. Pictures are perfectly staged, color-coordinated, filtered and made “more appealing” in a million different ways. Even people’s stories - a feature meant to be more candid and short-lived - now have one app after the other dedicated to making these temporary images more intriguing and engaging. So when you find an account that takes you behind the highlight reel of highly stylized images and into something more real, that’s pretty exciting.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the comparison game that social media inspires. Especially as parents, when everyone is just trying to “do it right”. Having an unending stream of photos where everyone else’s kids are sitting still for the snapshot and who’s super stylish clothes are completely unstained somehow and who are also apparently loving their vegetables, can really be a largely unconscious source of stress. Which is all the more reason to celebrate when someone presents themselves as fully human, a little messy, and living a real life with ups and downs just like us. 

Social media can be an amazing tool to learn new things and explore new ideas. There are truly some incredible people using their platform to make the world a better place.

Here are five parent-centered accounts that are inspiring us to keep it real and who are teaching us a thing or two while they’re at it.

 1. @thecrunchymommy

Aaronica of The Crunchy Mommy gives us a glimpse into her life by sharing stories that are vulnerable and raw and uses her platform to inspire others to treat themselves with kindness and compassion.

2. @jugglingthejenkins

Tiffany is your woman if you want a laugh and cry and in all likelihood do both at once, all in one feed. She gives voice to topics typically washed in shame and gives us the real-deal, bathroom-counter-covered-in-toothpaste truth.

3. @hereweeread

Charnaie of Here Wee Read is an expert on Diversity and Inclusion and her platforms give parents insight and tools to explore and instill these values. Future changemakers, coming through!

4. @thats_inappropriate

Meredith's feed looks like someone's actual photo collection of iPhone photos - like her real life. Family vacations, bills + budgeting, conversations about puberty - she's taking us all on the actual journey of parenthood as it unfolds.

5. @father_of_daughters

Simon is a voice of humor and authenticity in a space dominated by female parent bloggers and influencers. All parents are sure to laugh with relief reading about how someone else knows the trails and triumphs of parenting.