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A Sneaky Organic Chocolate Milk Celebration at one California School

A Sneaky Organic Chocolate Milk Celebration at one California School

Cristal Porter knows what kids like … and don’t like. After all, she teaches 2- and 3-year-olds at Little Feet Childcare and Preschool in Hanford, California. And she’s mom to Trevor, a 4-year-old son she describes as “picky.”

So when she learned about Sneakz Organic on Facebook, she picked some up for Trevor, and he was hooked. So was her husband. (Cristal is lactose-intolerant and looking forward to trying the forthcoming powdered Sneakz mix that can be used with lactose-free milk.) Cristal says the family “hunted for Sneakz” any time they traveled outside their small city, clearing the shelves at the Target 25 minutes away and grabbing whatever’s in stock at the Sprouts Farmers Market near her husband’s place of employment.

Her family’s enthusiasm for Sneakz led Cristal to think her students might feel the same way about the veggie-filled milkshakes, so she contacted Sneakz headquarters about the possibility of a Sneakz Snack Party at Little Feet. The company delivered. Literally.

“Sneakz sent us enough 12-packs of chocolate milkshakes for all of our children at school,” Cristal says. “They also sent reusable shopping bags for the parents and t-shirts for the teachers to wear at the party.”

What started as a Sneakz Day turned into a Sneakz Week at Little Feet.

“It was a whole week of Sneakz at school,” says Cristal. “We incorporated Sneakz during our circle time, made Sneakz-related arts and crafts, and even made up a song. At the end of the week, we had our Sneakz Snack Party with a raffle prize: a gift bag full of Sneakz surprises.”

The students loved it.

“Some were skeptical at first, but in the end, they finished their Sneakz and asked for seconds,” Cristal says.

And parents at the school were so excited that their kids enjoyed a nutritious, veggie-filled snack, they told Cristal that they had also traveled to other towns to buy Sneakz. They’ve since discovered they can find them on Amazon.

“My goal was to introduce the children to a healthy drink and for my students’ parents to be aware of Sneakz,” says Cristal, who has been known to include the #ilovesneakz hashtag in her social media posts.

Her successful party has the folks at Sneakz looking for other teachers, parents and school administrators who would be interested in hosting their school event. Just send an email—with the subject line “Host A Sneakz Day”—to and include a brief message about why your school should be considered.