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Arbor Day and Sneakz

Arbor Day and Sneakz

Environmental stewardship is extremely important to us here at Sneakz Organic. Leading and taking responsibility for the effect we have as a business on the environment has been a cornerstone of our business philosophy since the very beginning. This why all our products have always been certified USDA Organic to make sure that all of our products are being sourced from companies that take their impact on the environment with utmost seriousness.  And is there a better time to talk about how we are trying to minimize our impact on the environment then Arbor Day?

History of Arbor Day

Arbor Day was first celebrated in the United States on April 10th in 1872 by J Sterling Morton in Nebraska City, Nebraska.  Mr. Morton had just moved to Nebraska City and “he endeavored to encourage tree-planting to improve the environment and beautify the landscape to attract settlers to the area” as well as to provide shade and break up the winds blowing across the planes.  Although that was not the first Arbor Day (The Spanish village of Mondoñedo held the first documented arbor plantation festival in the world organized by its mayor in 1594) it is recognized as the start of the modern-day Arbor Day. Birdsey Northrop helped grow the recognition of Arbor Day 11 years later by spreading the word to Japan with a message on Arbor Day and Village Improvement. Later that year he was made the chairman of the committee to campaign for Arbor Day nationwide, which later led him to spread the message for Arbor day to Australia, Canada, and Europe.

Why Celebrate Arbor Day

Arbor Day offers a chance for children, parents, and grandparents to strengthen the bond between generations by planting trees together. It teaches fundamental lessons about stewardship of our natural resources and caring for our environment. There is no more powerful demonstration than helping children plant and care for trees that their own children and grandchildren will enjoy

Every tree planted on Arbor Day helps clean the air and water, beautify neighborhoods, provide homes for wildlife, conserve energy, and prevent soil erosion, among many other benefits. One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen. This is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people. In laboratory research, visual exposure to settings with trees has produced significant recovery from stress within five minutes, as indicated by changes in blood pressure and muscle tension.  Arbor Day gives everyone an opportunity to learn about trees and the environmental, social, economic, and health benefits they provide to communities.

How to Celebrate Arbor Day

In a year of social distancing, Arbor Day can be difficult as it has usually been used to inspire the community to come together in environmental stewardship and plant trees and help the environment. But it is not impossible.  The Arbor Day foundation put together a list of some activities to do that should help you celebrate Arbor Day this year!

  • Hike Through a Forest
    • Find a nearby trail in a forest (or park) and go for a walk, hike, or bike ride. Natural settings are effective in lowering stress. Exercising outdoors compared to exercising indoors helps people feel more revitalized, engaged with others, and less tense.
  • Online Nature Learning
    • When you can’t make it outdoors, stay in, and learn about it. Carly’s Kids Corner is full of fun and educational resources to connect children with nature. The site includes interactive games that highlight the value of trees.
  • Draw Your Favorite Trees
    • This is a great activity to do with young ones. Bring out the colored pencils and crayons and start drawing your best artwork. You could even use it as an extension of Carly’s Kids Corners by trying to identify the trees and including some tree facts.
  • Nature-based Crafts
    • Indoor days are perfect for arts and crafts. Pinterest is full of creative ideas for crafts made with natural materials like pine cones, needles, leaves, and twigs. See what you can find in your backyard and let your imagination get to work.
  • Order a Tree
    • Can one ever have too many trees? Whether you find a tree from a local nursery or the Arbor Day Foundation Tree Nursery, nothing says Arbor Day like buying and planting a tree. The tree you plant will benefit your whole community. Times like these remind us of the importance of healthy communities.
  • Join the Arbor Day Foundation
    • When you become a member of the Arbor Day Foundation, you support tree planting efforts around the globe. In addition to supporting something greater, your membership includes discounted trees from the Tree Nursery, their bi-monthly newsletter, and a copy of the Tree Book.

What Sneakz is doing

Sneakz takes the responsibility of being an environmentally friendly company very seriously. We are always making efforts to reduce the impact of our company on the environment.  From making sure that boxes are sized optimally to reduce the carbon footprint of shipped e-commerce orders, to using biodegradable packing peanuts that are compostable, to using energy-saving LEDs in our office, we are always working to make sure we have the least impact on the environment as humanly possible.

That is why all of our packaging is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative to make sure our packaging is sourced through responsible forestry practices or from pre- and post-consumer recycled content. To learn more about the SFI program, please click here.

Our Tetrpak Boxes are recyclable as well! In 2009, Tetra Pak joined together with other carton manufacturers in the U.S. to establish the Carton Council, an organization committed to limiting the number of cartons that become waste. Through this unified effort, we seek to build a sustainable infrastructure for carton recycling and continue growing carton recycling throughout the U.S.  Use this link to see if carton recycling is available in your area!  On top of that, the average Tetra Pak carton is made from 75% paperboard, renewable material from responsibly managed forests.

Sneakz Recyclable Cartons

When is Arbor Day?

National Arbor Day is the last Friday in April. Many states have designated a day or week to celebrate tree planting which coincides with their optimal tree planting conditions.  Please see the chart below to see when your state or territory is celebrating Arbor Day!
Arbor Day Dates