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Family Health Focus

Family Health Focus

We have seen over the last few weeks a huge increase in traffic in stores across the nation. The spikes in paper product demands, long lines to grab staple foods, and the demands of other comfort items.  All of this has led to situations we need to be more conscious of.  From the grocery store to the kitchen, to everything that comes with working and living at home.

In this Article:

Grocery Shopping

  • When grocery shopping in the current environment, please remember that most of the employees have been working under stress similar to the last week of the Christmas season, but for almost a month now with no set end in sight. They are worried about catching COVID-19, adding to their already high-stress levels.  So please make sure to be polite and courteous when shopping, not only to the employees but other customers, while shopping
  • While in-store, make sure to bring some sort of face covering. If not an N95 mask, use a bandana or even make your own mask!  Some companies that have had business slow have even begun making cloth masks, that although they may not work for the medical field, are fine for going out in public. I know our neighbors here have made some great designs. Check Facebook to see if any of your favorite local businesses are making masks for sale!  Most counties and or states have put policies in place mandating this, but it is best practice at this point to not only protect you but also the people around you.  It is also something that should hopefully prevent you from touching your face when you can infect yourself.

Going Out to Eat

  • Ordering out, either pick-up or delivery is a great way to support a local business in a time when most of our favorite restaurants are closed down from eat-in dining. Google and Yelp have done a great job of updating which restaurants are open, but the restaurant's Facebook page or a local Facebook group may have more up to date information and menus!
  • When ordering out to eat, either pick-up or delivery, make sure to be cognizant of the packaging and bags that your food is delivered in. Make sure to remove the food from the bag, transfer the food to a serving or cooking dish, then dispose of the packaging and then sanitize your hands and the surface that the packaging has touched before eating.  If possible, it may make sense to heat or microwave the food for a short period of time to make sure that any accidental viral exposure to the food is eliminated before eating.
  • Remember when picking up food, most servers that are working are still making the majority of their income from tips, as minimum wage for servers has not changed, make sure to tip as if you were ordering in from the restaurant.
  • Also, when ordering, make sure to check if your favorite local restaurant is offering delivery themselves instead of defaulting to your favorite delivery app. Most delivery apps take 20-40% of the menu price with very little of that going to the driver. So getting delivery directly from the restaurant would be much more beneficial to them than you ordering through a service such as GrubHub or Seamless.

Eating Healthy

  • Continuing your diet or maintaining your healthy diet when going through quarantine is something that many people are struggling with. Make sure to only buy foods that you would buy usually or the healthiest closest items you can find!
  • One of the hardest things to stock up on while grocery shopping for extended periods of time for a whole family would be produced. While meats, most grains, and prepackaged goods can be stored for long periods of time without going bad, fresh produce can go bad quickly and have you going back to the store more often then you would like. If you are high risk, or would just not like to go to the store multiple times per week, frozen or canned vegetables offer almost the same nutritional value as fresh produce . And with more advanced freeze-drying and canning technologies, the taste is much better than most people remember!
  • If you don’t like cooking every meal, meal prep! There are tons of recipes for prepping meals for the week on a Sunday, and if your working from home now you don’t have escaping from your office as an excuse to skip healthy premade meals. If you bring meals into your place of work, make sure to wash your hands after handling your microwave dishes as they have probably been exposed to aerosols from your coworkers.
  • If you are sick and tired of making yourself breakfast or lunch every day, try a meal replacement like Meal2Go! Make sure to check the ingredient panel and ingredients to make sure they meet your diet and nutritional standards. The bonus of most meal replacements is that they are available online so they can be shipped directly to your door.

Staying Entertained

  • Being stuck inside for long periods of time and can be stressful as the recommendations to social distance wear on, but there are tons of things you and/or your kids can do from home to stay entertained!
  • You can learn more about a subject your interested in! Khan Academy, Coursera, Udemy, edX, Open Culture are all great resources for finding an online class in something you're interested in from vetted highly qualified teachers
  • You can learn a new skill or hobby you’ve been thinking about but just haven’t had the time to put into it! YouTube as always is a great resource for this and has a huge community of people showing you how to do things. From recipes to DIY repairs, to how to sow or solder a motherboard there isn’t much you can’t learn to do from YouTube tutorials!
  • Go on a hike or a walk depending on your local closures or park policies. It will be good to get fresh air and have some activity.  Just make sure to continue practicing social distancing measures and to not get too close to other people. Also, if you bring anything with you, make sure you bring it out with you and dispose of it at home to avoid potentially getting someone else sick.
  • Play a board game or fill in a coloring book. These classics shouldn’t be overlooked and keep you entertained for hours!

Keeping a Schedule

  • While not the most top of mind thing to remember, keeping a schedule will be invaluable to prevent bad habits from creeping into your life while things are shut down. It will make sure you maintain a regular sleep and eating schedule, that your children and pets, if you have them, also maintain their regular schedule, and will hopefully prevent overeating or spending too much time on the couch. It will make the transition back into working at an office, going back to school, or back to work much easier then if you have to work back waking up at noon and going to sleep at 2 am.  If you're like most of America you have probably already had to do this once at one point in your life and it won’t be easier the 2nd time around!

      This is a new experience for almost all of us. We must remember to stay focused on keeping our family, friends, colleagues in mind as we all try to navigate the landscape ahead. 

      We will overcome this. Stay strong, stay well, stay safe, and always have a Sneakz nearby!

      To good health and kindness

      Sneakz Organic Team