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Family Winter Survival Guide

Family Winter Survival Guide

When the weather outside is frightful, staying cozy indoors can be delightful. As long as you keep the kids entertained! Here are eight ideas for fun winter activities that will keep your children busy and happy throughout the season.

Sip organic hot chocolate

Hot chocolate makes the perfect winter-time treat. It’s a sweet reward that helps keep kids ward off the winter chills. Best served to warm up after playing outdoors on a cold day. Check out our quick, easy and delicious Sneakz organic hot chocolate recipe – it’s sure to bring joy to your little ones.

Have a movie marathon

Rent favorite films from your childhood and introduce them to your kids, or have each member of the family pick a movie to watch.

Build a fort

Snow forts can be fun, but if there's no snow on the ground or you're looking for something warmer, use pillows and blankets to make a cozy fort in your living room. Here are some construction tips.

Set up a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are often an outdoor activity, but you can bring the fun indoors. Here are hunt ideas.

Play board games

Challenge each other to some friendly competition. Some suggestions for getting even the young toddlers involved are Haba My First Games and Thinkfun Roll & Play Board Game.

Get crafty

Make a homemade snow globe by turning a glass jar and some glitter into sparkly winter scene or choose another cute and fun winter craft for kids.

Make a warm meal

Treat the kids to a special breakfast like snowman-shaped pancakes. You can even get them involved by having them help to prepare it. Little ones can help decorate the snowmen and stir the batter with supervision.

Have a dance party

Put on some favorite tunes and let loose. You can also encourage kids to dress up and do a routine to a favorite song.