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Mindfulness Tools for Kids

Mindfulness Tools for Kids

While it's maybe still a little early to be thinking about the end of summer vacation, it's definitely not too late to use the remaining summer days to try something new that will not only benefit your kids in the upcoming school year, but that stands to impact their entire lives for the better.

It's typically not until we're adults that we start to examine the benefits of a mindfulness practice in our everyday lives, but can you imagine how much better off you'd be now if you began implementing mindfulness as a child?

Young kids especially are naturally more mindful because they're studying the world as something totally new. They tend to notice colors, textures, smells, sounds, and their bodily experiences more than we do since it's all new information for them as they grow. That's not to say however that instilling mindfulness as a specific practice isn't of enormous benefit, because it is. According to, "Research shows that practicing mindfulness with children supports increased focus, decreased stress and anxiety, and positive prosocial behavior. It can also be a great way to connect with your child and find a moment of tranquility together in an otherwise hectic day." (1) Raise your hand if you'd love to have ways to support your child while they're in distress and to increase your entire family's wellbeing with tools to decrease stress. We know there are raised hands out there!

We've researched some options for mindfulness tools for you to add to your parenting arsenal and come up with six things for you and your kids to explore.

Coloring Books

If you haven't sat down to color in a while, perhaps you've forgotten how soothing and meditative it can be. Coloring supports child development and learning by using art for self-expression and encourages presence and focus. Check out Be Happy & Color!



The popular meditation app for adults also has wonderful options for creating moments of pause with your kids. With categories for ages 5 and below, and 6-8, Headspace explores mindfulness through the lenses of Sleep, Calm, Focus, Kindness, and Waking Up.

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Mindfulness in the Mail

Hello Subscription offers a monthly box focused on mindfulness for kids. Each box is curated with new things to discover every month, including hands-on activities, things to read, meditations, and a healthy snack.

Mindfulness in the Mail

Three Good Things

Studies show that gratitude has a proven positive impact on your wellbeing. The Three Good Things app has the user reflect at the end of each day to acknowledge three good things that happened, which allows you to rewire your brain to focus on the positive. A good practice for kids and adults alike. 

Three Good Things