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Protect Yourself from Colds and The Flu!

Protect Yourself from Colds and The Flu!

With cold and flu season still in full swing, it is now more important than ever to protect ourselves and those around us from getting sick.  There are several different ways to protect yourself and others from getting sick in flu season, and below we have listed the 4 most sure-fire methods we could find!

Avoid Touching your eyes, nose, or mouth

During flu season you should try to avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. These are portals for germs and viruses to get into your body and get you sick so you should always be washing your hands before putting them near your face.  If you need to itch or rub your face use a tissue or paper towel as a barrier to prevent germs from getting on to you.  Also, if you cough or sneeze, make sure to cough or sneeze into a tissue and then immediately dispose of the tissue in a wastebasket.  If a tissue is not available, cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve and not your hand, to avoid the further spread of germs.

    How to avoid germs

    Wash your hands, often!

    Washing your hands often will protect from most strains of the flu and cold and keep you healthy throughout the year.  The problem is most people wash their hands incorrectly. To wash your hands correctly, First, wet your hands with water. Then add soap. Rub them together vigorously for 20 seconds. Make sure to rub the wrists, between the fingers, and under the fingernails. When you have time, use a nailbrush, as germs often hide under nails.  Rinse your hands thoroughly and dry with a clean paper towel or air dryer.  If you are in a public restroom, shut the faucet off with a paper towel. Try to push the door open with your shoulder or use another paper towel to turn the knob. The CDC has a great printable PDF fact sheet to show you the benefits and correct way to wash your hands here 

      How to wash your hands

      Stay home when you are sick

      One of the easiest ways to help stop the spread of the flu, colds, and other diseases this flu season is to stay home while you are contagious to make sure you do not get anyone else sick!  With today's stressful work and school environment, you may feel pressured to go into even when you are feeling ill, but everyone will benefit if you take a day or two to get healthy.  You will recover quicker since you will be able to get the rest you need to recover, and it will prevent you from passing the flu or cold around the school or office.  And today it is easier than ever! With businesses such as GrubHub and Instacart, you shouldn't even need to leave the house to get food or medicine!

      If your sick stay home

      Make sure you are getting adequate nutrition

      Making sure you have a well-balanced diet and getting a complete array of vitamins and minerals is one of the best ways to prevent getting a cold or the flu this winter and spring (and to get better faster if you do fall ill).  Getting healthy doses of Vitamins C, E, Zinc, B6, B12, D, folic acid, and probiotics should keep your immune system working at full strength! In today's day in age, you may never know if you are getting all of the nutrients you need from your diet, which is why it is so important to be taking a nutritional supplement like Meal2Go or Meal2Grow to make sure your body is operating at 100%.  Both Meal2Go and Meal2Grow are good sources of totally bioavailable vitamins C, E, Zinc, B6, B12, D, and Folic Acid.  On top of that, our 1 billion CFUs of Probiotics have several peer-reviewed studies showing that they help boost immune system performance in the body.  It is perfectly formulated to make sure you are operating at 100% at all times!

      Sneakz Meal2Go with Vegetabes