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Quarantine Approved Mothers Day

Quarantine Approved Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is your yearly reminder to really appreciate your mom (or any mothers in your life) and the relationship you have with her.  In these unique circumstances, many of us are celebrating the holiday stuck at home or even away from the mothers that helped shaped us into the people we are today. Due to this many of the things we would usually do for mother’s day are closed or even potentially unsafe. From brunches to spa days, to fancy dinners it seems that truly celebrating mother’s day could be impossible!

But, with some ingenuity and preparation you can give your mom the Mother’s day she’s always wanted, and in this trying time, needs. This list is full of socially distanced, quarantine safe activities.  Some you can even do remotely.  So if you are still looking for the perfect Mother’s Day activities look no further.  This list is mom-approved!

Make a "lasting impression"

On a warm day, before or on Mother’s Day, go outside and have your children place their hands and feet into a shallow tub of colorful, non-toxic paint. Spread out a roll of butcher paper (or break out some sheets of printer paper) and have everyone press their hands and feet onto it, leaving their prints behind. Label each handprint and footprint with your little one’s name, the date, and a special message to Mom, and allow your artwork to dry. If you make this a yearly activity it will be a great way to showcase how much your little ones have grown every year!

Pamper your Mother.

At some point on Mother’s Day, the star of Mother’s Day is going to want a chance for some rest and relaxation.  Make sure they receive what they need and deserve, especially in this stressful time.  See if you can come up with some ideas for some activities (or no-tivities) in advance that she can choose to relax during the day.  See some examples below!

  • An hour alone to call a friend or soak in the tub with a bath bomb
  • A chance to sleep in late!
  • A manicure at their favorite nail salon (which is your house, and you are the nail technician)
  • Quiet time for an hour to read (Or just enjoy the silence)
  • Anything else they would really love!

Come up coupons with each of these services, and be sure to have Mom redeem them throughout Mother's Day weekend.

Start a Puzzle

There's no better bonding than a game you can do together. Order mom a gorgeous or fun jigsaw puzzle and then have the whole family join in building it. When you're done, glue it together and sign your names on the back - and frame it. She will cherish it forever. And every time she looks at it, she'll think of the experience she had with the whole family.

Make Her Breakfast in Bed

Since brunch isn’t an option this year about how about breakfast in bed instead? It saves the hassle of wrangling everyone into a car and heading to a place that you are only eating at for this one meal this year.  And thankfully most breakfast meals are fairly easy! Just make sure to do the cleaning as well so you don’t stick Mom with a chore at the end of the day!

Make a Scrapbook

Take the time to dig out all of those old photo books and boxes of photos from before Instagram and Facebook digitized our photos and make a scrapbook!  You an mom can each work on your own pages then just bind them together when it's done.  You could even Zoom in some other family members to show them embarrassing pictures of them from when they were younger.

Take a digital paint and sip class.

Although venues are closed, that does not mean you can’t take an online paint and sip class! And since it isn’t 21 and over you can even get the kids involved!  Just make Mom’s favorite cocktail (or mocktail), turn on some Bob Ross on Netflix, and get painting! You can even bring some people not quarantined with you into the fun over Zoom.  Just make sure everyone is in the same episode!

Do some karaoke

Does your Mom fancy herself the original Adele? Do some karaoke! Smart TVs and Phone Apps have made it easier than ever to do karaoke at home and there are even some great ways to do karaoke over Zoom. A great opportunity to do something fun together at home that you probably haven’t done before.