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Sneakz Holiday Round-Up | Ideas to De-Stress Your Holiday Season

Sneakz Holiday Round-Up | Ideas to De-Stress Your Holiday Season

We tend to have a lot to think about this time of year. Everything from what’s going to be on our tables when we break bread with family and friends, to shopping lists, to some inward reflection around what we’re most grateful for, could be on your mind right about now. And that can be both exciting and wonderful, and a little stressful sometimes. We’re people too, we get it.

We like to make your choices easier around here, so we’ve compiled some of our favorite holiday-themed blogs from our archives to make some of your holiday decision making just a little simpler.

 1. Finding Nourishment in Friendsgiving with @VeggiesAndVirtue

Ashley Smith of Veggies and Virtue wrote this awesome how-to that not only covers what you need to know to nail a stress-free Friendsgiving with your little ones, but where the real joy in this season comes from in our Instagram-feed-obsessed culture. When you’re not just in it for the photo op, what actually matters?

2. Chocolate Cranberry Banana Bread by @MilkNHoneyNutrition

Truth be told, this banana bread is a winner any time of year, but the addition of this delicious Cranberry topping (which could honestly be the cranberry sauce recipe on your T-day table this year) gives it that little boost of holiday thanks to the always amazing, Mary Ellen from Milk & Honey Nutrition.

3. Holiday Traditions that Transcend Time from @LunchesAndLittles

Joy Miles from Lunches and Littles doesn’t just make some of the most beautiful and mind-blowingly creative foods you’ll ever see, she’s also raising a family of her own and setting the intention to instill values in her kids that give real meaning to this season focused on gifts and “getting”. This story talks about a family tradition of Joy’s that gets the whole family involved in thinking and talking about gratitude.

4. Cheesy Potato Gratin by @LunchesAndLittles

Another classic on the blog thanks to Joy, this Cheesy Potato Gratin uses our Kids’ Vanilla Milkshake - if you can believe it - to make this utterly mouth-watering dish that is bound to make a fan out of everyone at your table.