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Why Meal2Go's Unique Protein Formulation Is Better Than The Competition

Why Meal2Go's Unique Protein Formulation Is Better Than The Competition

As a consumer, one of the biggest hurdles we have to jump through nowadays is over-saturation. There’s more information, more products, more media than we could know what to do with. There is so much of everything and relatively little time to go through it all and determine what’s right and what isn’t. From the grocery store to your favorite wellness author, to the blog whose newsletter you subscribe to - the information likely conflicts at some point or another. This process leaves us making the final call with as much information as we can absorb and process.

When considering Meal2Go, we set out to develop a complete nutritional shake that sources the best protein, whole foods, and substantial facts to support our formulation.

We thought it would be easy! Everyone on our team had used protein before. For some of us, Whey Protein came as the old standby. Which, while being perfectly fine for some, for others it can cause inflammation and all the problems that can arise when using a dairy-based protein as a dairy-sensitive person. Some of us had used Rice and Soy proteins. Yes, they’re plant-based which we love, but they too have their unique problems (Rice with its low PDCAAS score and Soy has its problems with GMO’s and Estrogen Receptors). Some of the more daring among us had even tried some of the newer and more, adventurous proteins like cricket protein and liquid egg protein. Again, while fine for some, just didn’t hit the nail on the head for us.

Our dedicated search to find a protein that everyone could use is what led us to the combination of 3 plant-based proteins we use in our Meal2Go. Cranberry, Pumpkin, and Pea protein are all naturally vegan, gluten-free, and hypoallergenic, meaning it’s perfect for all kinds of food sensitivities. All three are flavor-neutral or extremely close to it, allowing us to use lighter, natural flavors and avoid using artificial sweeteners. The high Omega content of Pumpkin and Cranberry are great allies in good hearth health.

They are also both packed with anti-oxidants. And for those of you concerned with muscle management, Cranberry and Pea protein are both complete proteins. These are also high-quality proteins enable us to avoid using gums and binders to achieve a smooth texture without the gritty taste and mouthfeel you experience with some vegan proteins. Sixteen grams of high-quality plant-based protein combined with the whole food natural fiber in the Sneakz Meal2Go also leaves you feeling full longer and with more energy.